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Oracle takes aim at Salesforce with on-demand CRM update

Oracle takes aim at Salesforce with on-demand CRM update By Chris Kanaracus January 27, 2009 IDG News Service Oracle on Tuesday stepped up its assault on rival Salesforce with a new version of its on-demand CRM customer relationship management application. CRM On Demand Release 16s main new attributes include unlimited custom objects, plus a new […]

Meet Your ERP Implementation Goals and Objectives?

Why try to implement your ERP implementation with a phased approach? Why not just install the system and then educate the end-users in how to use it? The reason is that an ERP implementation is a huge undertaking. If done correctly, your company will benefit greatly. If done incorrectly, your company can throw away millions […]

Salesforce Connects the Social Web to Customer Service – The Connected Web is an innovative leader in the CRM space. A while ago, an enterprising employee of Salesforce created Faceforce, Now renamed as Face Connector for Facebook. has jumped on this linkage and has expanded it to now include a customer service aspect via the social network. This article below explains this more: Connects […]

Survey: More SaaS development in 2009 | Between the Lines | ZDNet

More than half of all developers around the globe will work on Software as a Service (SaaS) apps this year, with a surge expected in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a study released today by Evans Data Corp. North America tops the list now for regions where SaaS implementation is highest, with 30 percent working […]

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