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Cloud 2.0 is Here

Cloud 2.0 is Here Watching a recent partner presentation, we got to see firsthand where the technology world is going specifically to Cloud 2.0. The age of Cloud 2.0 is here. We are moving from fixed environments to web-based, real-time environments. No longer are computers chained to the desktop, now the mobile worker is […]

Salesforce & VMware Set to Launch VMForce

In an interesting turn of events, and VMware are set to launch VMForce. Any ideas what this will entail? They will be announcing the details on April 27. If you know something, please comment. Here is the story: and VMware are forging a high-profile partnership, according to a Web site announcing an April […]

Are IT managers worried about cloud computing?

There is a new survey out that shows that IT Managers are not sold on the benefits of cloud computing. The primary reason is that these IT Managers view cloud computing as risky. The article portrays these IT leaders as being risk adverse and so they are careful not to expose their company’s data to […]

Project Management Books

ERP Project Management Books

We are posting the link to various top selling ERP Project Management books. These will be updated occasionally for your review to see the latest information on key project management methods. We hope you find this useful. It is always useful to refresh yourself on Project Management techniques.

ERP Implementation Strategies – Survey Results

Recently, Huston Neal, a fellow ERP blogger, performed a survey to find out what ERP implementation strategies are most popular and successful. The results are very interesting. He wanted to know which of the strategies people used and which ones were successful. The strategies he focused on were: Big bang – Implementation happens in a […]

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