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Having RICE with your ERP Implementation

When I first heard the term RICE, during a large ERP implementation, I thought it was a joke. What do you mean you want RICE? Do you want it with butter or soy sauce? It was explained to me later that RICE stands for: Reports Interfaces Conversions Extensions Come to find out, I was used […]

Lists of ERP Vendors

We have put together a list of vendors and their software at  It is not exhaustive, but it is a good start. We will update the list as time goes on. Also, we have listings of various ERP Vendors within each of our ERP Buyers Guides. Another interesting resource is A comprehensive review of […]

The top 20 ERP implementation tips

Stumbling through various ERP websites, we came across this article that shows some of the key factors for doing an implementation correctly. You should probably read this one… The top 20 ERP implementation tips By Jan Stafford, Site Editor 22 Jun 2005 | An enterprise resource planning ERP software project can be daunting for […]

7 Ways to Fail in an ERP Selection

7 Ways to Fail in an ERP Selection by Chris Shaul The best way to fail at an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation is to choose the wrong software up front. Choosing software without following some basic guidelines is a sure-fire method for disaster. Probably the worst thing that someone has done (that we know […]

How to Negotiate and Purchase Your ERP System

ERP Negotiations Explained There are many sources of information on how to select and implement software, but there is little information on how to negotiate and make the purchase of the software. The uninformed can spend thousands of dollars more than they need too by walking into ERP negotiations unprepared. Those that know the “tricks” […]

ERP Tiers: What Tier are you in?

ERP vendors and consultants are always trying to classify you as a company into distinct ERP tiers. What is your vertical industry? What is your revenue? How many employees? These are all questions of where you fit within their offering. Others talk about ERP Tiers. What are tiers? ERP Tiers are classifications of software by […]

ERP and Lean

Chris Shaul Today, many ERP vendors are offering Lean Manufacturing modules in their solutions. These modules propose to assist companies in their lean effort. The real question is to what degree will these modules be used. Can a traditional manufacturer going to a lean model utilize a lean software tool immediately? When implementing an ERP […]

What makes a successful ERP implementation?

What makes a successful ERP implementation? ERP implementations are the most difficult thing you will probably have to do. They are painful and they usually tear a team apart (and then bring them back together) before going live. Some say that a major ERP implementation will go live under its third project manager! While this […]

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