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ERP Packages Feature Comparison

ERP Packages Feature Comparison There is an interesting ERP comparison article on ITToolbox. It is however skewed in the applications considered. The author compared Oracle and SAP against Microsoft Great Plains (Dynamics GP). This is an unfair comparison since the more powerful ERP application from Microsoft is Axapta (Dynamics AX). Great Plains plays in a […]

ERP Software

by Chris Shaul ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning) often leads people to a lot of confusion. Which software is best and which ERP software will be the easiest to implement. The key to selecting ERP software systems is to understand your own requirements first. Document your specific requirements of what the ERP software should do […]

ERP Tiers: What Tier are you in?

ERP vendors and consultants are always trying to classify you as a company into distinct ERP tiers. What is your vertical industry? What is your revenue? How many employees? These are all questions of where you fit within their offering. Others talk about ERP Tiers. What are tiers? ERP Tiers are classifications of software by […]

The Shrinking Landscape of ERP

Chris Shaul Now that Oracle has gobbled up its competitors, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards, and has aquired Seibel CRM, there is a shrinking landscape of Tier 1 vendors available in the marketplace. It used to be the old JBOPS (JD Edwards, Baan, Oracle, Peoplesoft, and SAP) that people relied on as the playing field for […]

The ERP comeback

Chris Shaul ERP seems to be on the move again this year. Vendors are ramping up, customers are calling again, selection projects are beginning. Why now? With all of the things going on in the world, what is it that is driving the return of ERP and technology initiatives? This can be attributed to several […]

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