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Patriot Pay Small Business Payroll Software
Patriot Pay Small Business Payroll Software is specifically for small to medium sized companies who are searching for a Small Business Payroll management software that allows them free up their time to do more important things, such as running their business. Often these smaller business have only the option of using a complicated payroll program in-house, or out-sourcing to a payroll service that charges them like they have the big corporate budget.
Many small business cannot afford the time to do everything themselves or the budget to hire a service.

    Patriot Pay Small Business Payroll Software

is easy-to-implement and very affordable, yet sufficiently flexible to meet the requirements of businesses who need simplified detailed payroll management and even tax filing services. It fills the gap between complicated do-it-yourself and the payroll service companies.
Patriot Pay’s biggest feature is that it is online and is priced specifically with the small business in mind. By being an online software, you do not need to install anything, it is always current, and you can access it from any internet connected computer.
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Patriot Pay Small Business Payroll Software is used in just about all industries by all sorts of businesses. It is ideal for the small sole-proprietor business or even a small corporation. The software offers extensive training and support resources through its training videos, and online tutorials and more.

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Try Patriot Pay Small Business Payroll Software for Free!
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ERP for the little guy

Chris Shaul

Most of the news and information you hear on the web or read in print about ERP relates to SAP, Oracle and other large systems. There is a derth of information on ERP for the small shop or for the under 10 million dollar manufacturer. What then do people do when they have graduated from Peachtree or Quickbooks? Is it possible to get a complete integrated system that manages their entire operations and finance areas?

Well fortunately, there are a few solutions that will not break the bank and will provide end-to-end functionality for a small manufacturer or distributor. These softwares are surprisingly complete. In fact, there are often features and functionality that beat the main-stream big systems.

One such system is called IntegrateIT This system provides a well rounded set of features that allow the small manufacturer the ability to run the company with a complete understanding of what is in inventory, what am I making today, what should I buy today, where is my cash position and am I profitable? Surprisingly, this software has modules that many larger ERP systems do not have, such as Field Service. It is amazing the amount of power that these smaller systems have. This link is one such example of how this system saved a company thousands of dollars.

Another solution is DBA Software. Having gone through a major rewrite of their core solution, they are both complete in functionality and have a very current underpinning of technology. This solution provides a very easy to use system for the smaller firm.

What makes these systems perfect for the smaller enterprise? The fact that they get more done with fewer screens. On a mid-tier solution, there maybe 2 to 5 screens needed to process a transaction such as entering a voucher or creating a work order. These smaller solutions tend to do it in one to two screens with all the information you need at your fingertips. The idea is that in larger companies, there is a delegation of work. In the smaller company, you may have one person wearing many hats and they need efficiency in transaction processing.

So the when you are thinking of integrated software solutions, remember that big isn’t necessarily an answer. Amazing things often come in small packages.

Chris Shaul is a Sr. IT Consultant and specializes about ERP selections and implementations.