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8 Steps to successful ERP Change Management

All implementation project managers must focus on people, processes and technology. It is the people aspect that is often the most complicated. Any enterprise software endeavor creates a wave of resistance. The difference between success and failure is determined by how you manage the change process. There are many methods, but one useful method is […]

Simplifying IT

In this month’s Harvard Business Online, there is a fascinating article on how one bank in Japan rolled out a new business system successfully by breaking all the rules.  By adapting a modular approach and leveraging technologies such as the Internet, they were able to take a dying business and revamp it into a major […]

7 Free and Indispensible ERP Sites you can’t implement without

When entering into an ERP selection and implementation, the more you understand what you are getting into, the better. We have collected a few key sites that give a great basis for understanding and are resources we turn to now and again. We have also conscientiously stayed away from vendor references. What we show below […]

Shaklee Cleans Up with SAAS

Software as a Service is an emerging method of utilizing software.  Rather than buying a license and installing it on your own servers, you, in a sense, lease it and access it via the web.  ERP vendor Netsuite is one example. CRM vendor is another.  The following article looks not only at how a […]

What ERP info are you looking for? has for the past couple years been your site for ERP, CRM, and PLM related information.  We try not to take a vendor slant at this information and have tried to focus in on process information.  We now have Software Reviews  and are working on other useful things.  The key question though is what […]

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