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ERP Survey – Please Participate

A fellow ERP blogger is running a survey on his blog about ERP implementation strategies. Specifically, which implementation strategy (big bang, phased roll-out, or parallel adoption) has the best success rate. Please help by completing the survey found in an article at:

Green ERP?

With the drive to being more environmentally responsible, corporate management is (or will be) setting initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. While moving towards Green and reducing the carbon footprint, the question becomes, how do we manage this? Should ERP be modified to include the tracking of carbon emissions? ERP systems are essentially large accounting systems […]

ERP as a Service

Software as a Service (SAAS) is growing significantly in the CRM space, but it has yet to take off in the ERP market.  Gartner predicts that at least one-third of business application software spending will be on service subscriptions rather than on product licenses by 2012. The analyst firm also predicts that by 2010, 30% […]

7 Free and Indispensible ERP Sites you can’t implement without

When entering into an ERP selection and implementation, the more you understand what you are getting into, the better. We have collected a few key sites that give a great basis for understanding and are resources we turn to now and again. We have also conscientiously stayed away from vendor references. What we show below […]

What ERP info are you looking for? has for the past couple years been your site for ERP, CRM, and PLM related information.  We try not to take a vendor slant at this information and have tried to focus in on process information.  We now have Software Reviews  and are working on other useful things.  The key question though is what […]

ERP Software Reviews now available

When selecting a software, one criteria is finding out what others think of the prospective system. This can include phone calls, site surveys and other data gathering. To make this easier, has opened up a new section for ERP Software Reviews. This new section isn’t only for ERP though, it includes CRM, Business Intelligence, […]

What is your ERP’s Legacy?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is key to integrating all areas of a business. It controls the financials, the inventory, the purchasing and the ordering. There are a lot of ERP software vendors. The market though has consolidated in the past few years since the Y2K upgrade fever and the downturn of the software market. […]

What On Earth Is ERP? – ERP Demystified

What On Earth Is ERP? – ERP Demystified Sandra Stammberger You might ask what is ERP? ERP is an industry term used by a variety of companies. It functions for a broad set of operations that supports multi use modules of application software. This helps companies and manufacturers manage product parts for purchasing, maintaining inventories, […]

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