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You’ve ‘done’ ERP, now get the value

Here is a good article just released. You’ve ‘done’ ERP, now get the value By – Kevin Clarke, HansaWorld SA country manager So you’ve made the decision to invest in an enterprise resource planning solution. You know you’re getting some software that drives proven, best practice business processes, and you’ve gone through the perhaps painful […]

ERP as a Service

Software as a Service (SAAS) is growing significantly in the CRM space, but it has yet to take off in the ERP market.  Gartner predicts that at least one-third of business application software spending will be on service subscriptions rather than on product licenses by 2012. The analyst firm also predicts that by 2010, 30% […]

8 Steps to successful ERP Change Management

All implementation project managers must focus on people, processes and technology. It is the people aspect that is often the most complicated. Any enterprise software endeavor creates a wave of resistance. The difference between success and failure is determined by how you manage the change process. There are many methods, but one useful method is […]

What is your ERP’s Legacy?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is key to integrating all areas of a business. It controls the financials, the inventory, the purchasing and the ordering. There are a lot of ERP software vendors. The market though has consolidated in the past few years since the Y2K upgrade fever and the downturn of the software market. […]

An Introduction to ERP

Here is a basic introduction to ERP. There are some good points to this article, but if you really want to know more, you should invest in some good ERP books. An Introduction to ERP Premal Vala Information technology has transformed the way we live live in and the way we do business. Since last […]

The top 20 ERP implementation tips

We ran across an interesting article on the things you should do during an ERP implementation. Worth a read: The top 20 ERP implementation tips By Jan Stafford, Site Editor 22 Jun 2005 | An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software project can be daunting for first-timers or veterans handling a migration. Get started on […]

My ERP supplier has been acquired – now what?

With all the ERP consolidations going on (look at Infor, Sage, Oracle, etc.) it is hard to know what to do. This interesting article points out the issues surrounding the client of an acquired software. My ERP supplier has been acquired – now what? By Quocirca Published: Monday 5 February 2007 If your ERP vendor […]

What the ERP Salesperson doesn’t tell you

An interesting article from ITToolbox on ERP: What the ERP Salesperson doesn’t tell you “Let me show you how easy our software is to use” Salespeople or professional demonstrators are trained to present their software to look as easy as possible. The truth is it is impossible to know how easy the software is until […]

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