Video: How does Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Automation and CRM fit together?

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Automation

Don Fornes, CEO of our partner Software Advice, sat down with Brad Wilson, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to discuss the state of the CRM software market and specifically in this video the Microsoft Dynami. This is the sixth in a series of 7 videos we are publishing, each centered on one question about the Microsoft offerings.

Marketing automation is a hot market right now. Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot are getting a lot of buzz. How important is this market to Microsoft?

Brad discusses the role of Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation. He distinguishes where partner products fit into a client’s roll-out planning vs. Microsoft’s marketing component of the Dynamics CRM product. Further he makes an interesting observation about how marketing, sales, and service all fit together, especially within their pricing model. He goes on to discuss when partner products play a part in a customer’s CRM purchase.

After watching the video, we would be interested in your feedback on what you think with regards to Microsoft Dynamics marketing automation strategy. Do you concur with Brad?

Where does Microsoft Dynamics marketing automation fit?

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Automation

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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Automation