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5 Minute Guide to ERP

Natalie Aranda Information technology has transformed the way we live and the way we do business. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is one of most widely implemented business software systems in a wide variety of industries and organizations. In this short article, well try to concisely explain the basic yet important concepts relevant to ERP. […]

Are Most Enterprise Technology Selection Exercises Flawed?

The following discusses the ways often used in selecting systems. Actually, one area not expanded upon is the combination of an RFI/RFP combined with a Scripted Demonstration process.  Using the RFI to narrow the field and the Scripted business process to show the stakeholders how the system will function for them. Sam Lowe’s blog […]

ERP – Army Style

Stumbling around the web, we came across a great ERP reference site. This site is the US Army’s ERP/SOA Resource Center. Its own description is as follows: As the Army embarks on transforming its warfighting capabilities, it is imperarive that the Business Capabilities / Enablers / Processes transform to support the warfighter. ERP systems provide […]

Revenue and Receivables Management: Myths and Truths About ERP

Do you take best of breed or do you find a single source? The question of whether to implement multiple solutions that fit the specific niche areas of your business or to implement a single platform, single database solution of a modern ERP system. There is an interesting article that debunks the myths of going […]

Enterprise Knowledge The Wiki Way

Today, the Web is influencing many things. One key element of life is communication. People are no longer meeting at cafe’s but rather they are meeting on MySpace. The web is also collecting a vast database of information. One of the key points is Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, Wikipedia is a Web-based free-content multilingual encyclopedia […]

Microsoft Plans More Links From Office To ERP

Microsoft Plans More Links From Office To ERP Eight new Snap modules will connect the upcoming Microsoft Office 2007 front end to Microsoft’s ERP and CRM software packages. By Barbara Darrow CRN May 4, 2006 12:30 PM Microsoft is touting its Duet links from Microsoft Office to SAP ERP, but Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) doesn’t […]

Manufacturers Don’t User Most of Their ERP Software’s Features, Says Aberdeen

Manufacturers Don’t User Most of Their ERP Software’s Features, Says Aberdeen Published: September 18, 2006 by Timothy Prickett Morgan Based on a detailed report put together by Aberdeen Group and commissioned by a bunch of ERP software suppliers, companies with ERP software don’t use most of the features that have been painstakingly woven into their […]

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