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Telecom Billing Software – Why Telecom OSS Is Important

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Top 10 Benefits of Legal Matter Management Software

1. One central databaseAnything to do with the matter is held on a database accessible to all the team. View all the documents related to a matter based on a certain standard; all the documents associated with a particular contact. Incoming letters can be scanned into the matter management system.. 2. Email integrationStay on top […]

12 Steps to a Better ERP Launch

12 Steps to a Better ERP Launch ERP implementations can turn a young project into a grey haired war veteran in no time. The stress of the implementation from Kick-off, configuration, data conversion, training, and all the other component parts up through Go-Live are no easy task. If you have done everything right, then the […]

Revealing The Way Information Security Management Can Help Make Sure The Safety Of Your Firm’s Files

It is, possibly, regrettable but information security management has now become completely vital in the modern business world given just how probable harmful IT attacks have become on a everyday basis. Information security management is a vital type of technology when it comes to assisting businesses evaluate and, in due course, protect themselves against the […]

Netsuite to offer an ERP Manufacturing Edition for Discrete Manufacturing

Just saw that Netsuite together with Rootstock Software are putting together a SAAS based ERP offering for Discrete Manufacturers. This seems to be a big win for Netsuite as there are very few, if any, good Manufacturing Software packages available as a SAAS offering. It also fills the gap in Netsuite’s offerings. Currently they have […]

Computer Hardware – A primer

One is exact, that the hard disk is something any computer can exist without. Really, when you search, to modernize the computer or to buy a new one, you should use a hard disk as one of the most important reasons for imitation. There are all kinds of accessible hard disks on a choice, though. […]

What is Your CRM Goal?

What is Your CRM Goal? Hendra Lim Are you thinking to start using a CRM application or software for your company? Before you talk to your CRM vendors, do you know what CRM goals or impacts you want to achieve? In my own experiences talking to many business managers, oftentimes the real reason why they […]

CMMS Software functionality

CMMS software has been developed over the past twenty years and now provides one of the broadest ranges of functionality in the industry including: * Asset hierachy management * Storage of documents * Inventory control * Scheduliing of maintenance * Integration with main project management packages * Programmable SMS and email alert Ultimately, the purpose […]

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