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Salesforce & VMware Set to Launch VMForce

In an interesting turn of events, and VMware are set to launch VMForce. Any ideas what this will entail? They will be announcing the details on April 27. If you know something, please comment. Here is the story: and VMware are forging a high-profile partnership, according to a Web site announcing an April […]

Are IT managers worried about cloud computing?

There is a new survey out that shows that IT Managers are not sold on the benefits of cloud computing. The primary reason is that these IT Managers view cloud computing as risky. The article portrays these IT leaders as being risk adverse and so they are careful not to expose their company’s data to […]

Oracle takes aim at Salesforce with on-demand CRM update

Oracle takes aim at Salesforce with on-demand CRM update By Chris Kanaracus January 27, 2009 IDG News Service Oracle on Tuesday stepped up its assault on rival Salesforce with a new version of its on-demand CRM customer relationship management application. CRM On Demand Release 16s main new attributes include unlimited custom objects, plus a new […]

Salesforce Connects the Social Web to Customer Service – The Connected Web is an innovative leader in the CRM space. A while ago, an enterprising employee of Salesforce created Faceforce, Now renamed as Face Connector for Facebook. has jumped on this linkage and has expanded it to now include a customer service aspect via the social network. This article below explains this more: Connects […]

Survey: More SaaS development in 2009 | Between the Lines | ZDNet

More than half of all developers around the globe will work on Software as a Service (SaaS) apps this year, with a surge expected in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a study released today by Evans Data Corp. North America tops the list now for regions where SaaS implementation is highest, with 30 percent working […]

What to ask before saying yes to SaaS, cloud computing

Here is a very informative article on the issues surrounding SAAS deployment. The one thing they didn’t mention is that a traditional purchase hits the capital budget, a SAAS deployment hits operating capital. Here is the snippet: Not surprisingly, SaaS vendors have decided there’s no time like the present to make a full court sales […]

Shaklee Cleans Up with SAAS

Software as a Service is an emerging method of utilizing software.  Rather than buying a license and installing it on your own servers, you, in a sense, lease it and access it via the web.  ERP vendor Netsuite is one example. CRM vendor is another.  The following article looks not only at how a […] and Google – Adwords now, what’s next?

From Eweek: and Google are putting more muscle into their relationship by entering a “strategic alliance” to mutually market and promote the use of Google AdWords along with Salesforce’s customer relationship management platform. The center piece of the alliance is the Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords, which is designed to enable customers to […]

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